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Ever since Parmar Engineering Enterprise was founded in 1985 it has been providing steel fabrication services. It is never changed its basic business of providing our customers with the products they need, regardless of the many economic fluctuations and social changes we have faced over the years. To meet the diversifying needs of our customers, we have transformed our business to include more advanced products and have continued to grow. That range of products and services includes Steel plants production line equipment such as (Hoppers, Silos, Belt Conveyors, Ladle, Chimney, Scrap Transfer Trolley, Ladle Trolley, Tundish and etc,) In addition of, steel structure fabrication and other various products by assisting our customers in machining and fabrication all parts they require. The most important of all, however, is ‘Good people’ to work and ‘Good Company’ to make ’Good Product’ Thanks for choosing Parmar Engineering Enterprise, and we would really Appreciate your continuous care and attention Our company believes in providing complete customer satisfaction. We strive towards the maintenance of high quality standards in our range of products that can be placed at par with different international manufacturers. Our innovative production and commitment to quality maintenance have helped us to grow rapidly as we look forward to spread our business further to other countries of the world.

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