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RBG turns 25 on the Supreme Court and reveals a documentary that explores the remarkable life and career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

At the age of 84, the Ginsburg Supreme Court created a breathtaking legal legacy, becoming an unexpected heroine and a pop culture icon among generations. But even many of her staunch admirers are unaware of this silent little warrior’s unique personal journey to the nation’s Supreme Court: As a young lawyer, Ginsburg was the legal architect of the modern women’s rights movement.

Directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen develop a multidimensional portrait of justice through intimate interviews with family, friends, colleagues and critics, as well as twists and archival news documenting her career, family photos and exclusive home movies. The filmmakers weave their expertise into Ginsburg’s speeches and writings, as well as an extraordinary interview with Justice herself, where she speaks calmly and deeply about her growth, her passions and her search for love with her husband Marty. , to whom she attributes her profession.

Vests and Cohen’s approach to Ginsburg’s film even included training with a trainer, sharing coffee at home with his grandson and rehearsing backstage for a speaking role at the Washington National Opera. What emerges is a fresh and harsh authenticity, a more complete and inspiring portrayal of Ginsburg than ever before: a complex lawyer, a wife, a researcher, a grandmother, an opera lover, a wife, a mother, a girl, a warrior and a citizen

RBG 2018.1080p

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