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VEGAS Pro Video Editing Software is professional video editing software. Formerly known as Sony VEGAS Pro, it is produced by MAGIX, which bought the company in 2016. It provides editing tools for a range of different DVD and Blu-ray-capable video products. The editing package is advanced, which means it can provide professional handling (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); VEGAS Pro editing software is perfect for movies, TV shows, music videos, and more. As with many professional programs, the tools require some editing experience and some learning to use them effectively. Fortunately, the workflow for this program contains interactive guides that will teach you how to use it. Once you understand the workflow and the interface, you will see that VEGAS Pro is an intuitive program. It offers innovative tools, is user-aware, and gives you the opportunity to customize your workspace. You can move and add windows in the footer so the tools you need are exactly where you need them. Main tools There are many tools, such as adding captions, applying filters and effects, and optimizing images. The features are enough for professional editors to work with video projects. With this program, you can slow down playback, compose images with the Chrome button, and adjust the white balance. Visual special effects and other edits can be added to a clip directly on the timeline, rather than in a separate edit window, making VEGAS Pro a quick way to work. Your editing doesn’t have to be limited by the tools available, as this powerful software provides control over multi-mask editing, masking, and image stabilization. It has the ability to work with HD, 4K and 8K resolution, and gives you the ability to enhance images created at lower resolutions. VEGAS Pro appreciates that visually it is only one side of the story, so there is also a great set of editing tools. The program comes as a standalone purchase or as a subscription. Expanded capacity with plug-ins VEGAS Pro supports open FX plug-ins, which means that the number of functions increases dramatically. This is important for creativity, because the possibilities for what you can achieve are almost endless. You can use third party effects and create a chain that uses up to 32 plugins to get the results you want. A special plugin that is useful for film effects and color grading is the ability to import and export lookup tables or LUTs. When you finish your work, you must submit it in the correct format, in which this program can help you. You can select one of the most common templates or formats and customize the display. The software works intelligently to improve the speed of the hardware during playback, making it a quick process. You can drag and drop your project with VEGAS DVD Architect to create Blu-ray or DVD discs. Everything you need in one package It can be quite difficult to find a program that meets all your needs. VEGAS Pro gets closer to OFX andother great features. But the price, the required learning curve or simply the style of the interface can make you look for a program that makes you feel more comfortable. There are other options that you should try. Anyone familiar with industry standards in editing has heard of Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s a real-time editor that comes as part of a Creative Cloud subscription, which means you can’t purchase as a one-time purchase. It provides a large number of functions and tools and is useful for collaborating on projects. Another popular tool among professionals is DaVinci Resolve. There are more than 250 features to choose from, including video stabilization and color correction. It’s especially good when it comes to collaboration, which means that different experts on the production team can use it to achieve the finished product. If you work with graphics editing and composition, HitFilm Pro can make a complaint. The video effects are advanced and come with audio editing tools and combination effects. We focus heavily on composer effects, while keeping the more traditional edition. VEGAS Pro is a complex and comprehensive program that does not hinder the provision of tools that professionals need. Provides guides to help beginners use its software and supports plugins to provide a variety of effects. This, combined with the speed of editing and rendering, makes it a useful companion for professional editors. The latest version includes a number of new functions. We now see consistent color gradation, GPU accelerated decoding for AVC / HEVC format, nested timelines, HLG HDR color support, and slow motion optical performance.

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