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Format – MP4

Number – H264

Resolution – 1920×616

Frame rate –

Minimum speed – 2544 Kbps

File size – GB

Duration – 2 hours 24 minutes


Audio codec – AC3

Model speed – 48 KHz

Method – 2

Channel Layout – Stero

Low rate – 192 Kbps

Language = English

Quotes – No.

Source – Korean 1080p CAM

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Armed with just one word, Tenet, and fighting for a universal life, the protagonist travels through the evening world of international espionage on missions that will emerge for little more than real time.
Christopher Nolan Author:
Christopher Nolan stars:
John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki | In the evening world of international intelligence, an unnamed CIA operator known as The Protagonist is hired by a great organization called Tenet to take part in a real-time global mission. Message: To prevent Andrei Sator, a rebellious and powerful Russian oligarch, from starting World War III. The protagonist will soon know the art of “over time” as a way of dealing with an impending threat.

Tenet 2020.1080p

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